Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pulse Shift Steam Release Date


Pulse Shift has been updated to 1.5.0 and is ready for Steam. Since its a Steam release, we have implemented achievements, trading cards and cloud system. It is a new version of game, so various things have been changed and tweaked as well.

Game modes
Game is now extended with two game modes. The first game mode allows player to accelerate game world, which can be used as sprint, while falling through disappearing platforms or to quickly recharge energy. The second mode allows to mark hidden bonuses in additional to level goal marker and holokeys. These modes can be enabled and disabled anytime.

Downloadable content included
Chamber 5 dlc is now integrated into the game, available in bonus section at any time. Dlc includes new theme and 5 additional levels.

Extras content
Steam edition comes with a bonus extras including level design concepts.