Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pulse Shift Update 1.3.0

Pulse Shift Update 1.3.0 

Hello everybody!

New major release 1.3.0 is here. This release includes a lot of improvements in gameplay. Game now contains "Extras" directory with dvd cover and label. Also soundtrack is now available at link below.

Pulse Shift Update 1.3.0


- Fixed unlocking cheat modes after finishing game
- Less floaty controls

Changed and added things

- Faster movement speed
- Added ability to speedup rotations.
> Mouse click -> base rotation speed (required in many cases in game)
> Mouse click + ctrl  -> fast rotation speed (in common rotations)
- Increased number of imprint uses by 2.
- Updated "How to Play" Gui
- Updated credits gui
- Added music to credits

Soundtrack contains 30 original game tracks and is available here :



  1. How do you speed up rotations ? Before this update I used to do it with a double click but it doesn't work anymore.

  2. Press ctrl + mouse button , now you can choose between common and fast. Good day.

  3. double click felt A LOT more natural, not to mention comfortable. another thing that would make the experience less frustrating is tweaking the rewind energy gauge so you only lose energy for the actual duration of the rewinding (as opposed to losing the whole gauge even if you rewinded for 2 seconds). I lost track of how many times I fell to my death because of this, thinking that I could rewind again because I only used a tiny bit of the energy and, naturally after years of video gaming, thought I could use it again right away.

    Or have some kind of rewind points that regen over time instead of a gauge.