Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pulse Shift Progress

Hello here is quick update.

We are currently working on some game improvements. So far we did :

  • No longer need to press interaction key to collect bonus or holokey. 
  • Energy bar is invisible in chapter 0, chapter 1 and tutorial levels. 
  • Changed imprint uses 
  • Easy - unlimited number of uses 
  • Normal - 10x 
  • Hard - 5x 
  • Extreme - 3x 
  • Collected bonus is now visible in level menu 
  • Better tutorial 
  • DLC is now integrated into main game
  • Can be found in bonus section same as for demo levels before and all levels are already unlocked

We are also planning to implement steam achievements, trading cards and possibly cloud for saves and some other things which can help.

If you have any ideas that you would like to have in game, please let us know in comments or via mail and we will consider it.

3 Core Studio.


  1. That all sounds like great additions or changes. I am however confused by one item: "Energy bar is invisible in chapter 0, chapter 1 and tutorial levels."

    Is this meant to mean that the energy bar isn't required during these chapters (thus making them slightly easier compared to the later ones) or that it is genuinely invisible? Making the bar invisible would be really irritating and a strange decision, so I'm wondering if this is just a translation error or typo? I'd be interested to know what you exactly mean by this.

    Anyway, thank you and good luck with the Steam launch!

  2. Game has two bars. First one (bigger) representing energy for abilities(low gravity etc...) and since in those chapters are not any yet so we decided to hide it because it confuses some people. Second bar representing rewind functionality stays as it is. As soon as you get first ability energy bar will return (Chapter 2).

    1. Ok thank you for explaining. I had forgotten that there were two bars in the game. I played Pulse Shift way back in April last year after buying it on Desura, shortly before your feature on IndieGameStand, but not since. I have however been following you and your Greenlight campaign since then. Cheers!